2nd Annual

Millville Heritage Day

Saturday, May 26, 2007

A resounding success!

Grand Marshals Ellen Dotzenrod and Sal Bush

Parade Winners:    

Marching Group:
  1. Armstrong School of Dance
  2. Enterprise ROTC


Motorized Tractor:

  1.  Hawes Cow Train

  2.  "Papa Bear" Kenny Doelker

  3.  Keith Foster

Mounted Group:
  1. Tanya Williams
  2. Tolbert Family
  3. Corey Loomis & Friends
Junior Horse:
  1. Marlee Meadows
  2. Rilee Arrowsmith
  3. Hayley DeAtley
Senior Horse:
  1. Alyssa Monteil, Jennifer Schneider and Josey Kelley
  1. Adam Blalock
  2. Sheriff Tom Bosenko
Motorized Specialty:
  1. California Cushman Club
  2. Millville Roadrunners
  3. Ed Axner & Millville Fire Department (Tie)

   1.  United States Submarine Veterans

        Our thanks to the judges and all who participated!



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